12 days of Christmas bracelet 12 days of Christmas bracelet is something I long to buy at this time of the year every year. It makes a beautiful gift that makes the recipient happy that gives me a lot of happiness.

I can treat myself to one too. After all we can make ourselves happy once in a while can’t we?

Aren’t we all looking forward to the wonderful Christmas season to begin? It’s all going to be merriment and laughter both inside and outside the home.

Some of us are busy shopping, others planning on the Christmas decorations, yet others deciding on the guest list and the delicacies to be prepared.

Oh, lots of work to be done, yet it is with a cheerful mood that we await the festivities!!

We are ready to get busy in the kitchen to make the delicious items for the D day and also trying to get all the rooms cleaned and spruced up for the celebration. In the midst of all this happy confusion, we need to buy gifts for our dear ones.

Don’t you think you need to add the 12 days of Christmas bracelet to your shopping list? There are many reasons for this. Christmas being a traditional festival, it is apt to enhance the value of the same by following a few traditions.

Even if you don’t follow the traditional practice, aesthetic value is one of the main reasons for buying this Christmas charm bracelet as it is such a beautiful piece loved by all and sundry.

When looking to buy the 12 days of Christmas bracelet online, what do we actually focus on? The charms, right? We check if the 12 charms that represent each day of Christmas are just the ones we want.

I read a review online where a frustrated buyer mentioned that she could not find any of the traditional charms on the Christmas bracelet when she received it, so it is better to be doubly sure about the charms when we place an order for this cute holiday bracelet.

There is a huge variety of this holiday jewelry available online and you’ll go crazy choosing the best one as all of them look so cute and charming. You have the silver-plated charm bracelet, the gold-plated charm, one with crystals and colorful danglers and many more.

If you do not want it as a complete bracelet but want to buy only the 12 charms, that is also possible. It is available in a set of 12 separate charms that you may use as you like.

The ones that caught my attention from among the collection of Christmas charm bracelets are here:

12 days of Christmas bracelet

12 days of Christmas charm bracelet




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This is a beautiful piece of bracelet with a sterling silver finish and a toggle clasp. It has all the 12 days of Christmas charms on it, one each for every lyric of the classic carol “The 12 days of Christmas”.

This bracelet is a unique gift to those who love Christmas songs. It comes with a gift box too.  Wearing it yourself throughout the Christmas season or gifting it to a loved one, either way it is sure to make you very happy. I found this to be stylish, comfortable, good quality and easy to wear. It gives a good luster.

I have received many a compliment when I wore it for last year’s celebrations. You could use it for everyday wear or only for occasions, it looks great for both. Even after the celebrations, I wanted to wear it for some more time.  A friend of mine wears it for 3 months after Christmas. Another good thing about this 12 days Christmas bracelet is that it is suitable for any age.

12 days of Christmas charm bracelet


This is a more expensive set of 12 days of Christmas bracelet. It’s an elegant toggle bracelet of well-made figurine charms layered in Sterling Silver and is elaborately detailed. Comes in a red gift box.

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If you order this piece online, it is very important to check, on receiving your order, if all the 12 charms depicting the 12 days of Christmas are present on the bracelet. Here is a list of the 12 charms in the order of the days:

Partridge, Turtle Doves, French hens, Calling Birds, Gold Rings, Geese-A-Laying, Swans-A-Swimming, Maids-A-Milking, Ladies Dancing, Lords-a-Leaping, Pipers Piping, Drummers Drumming.

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The 12 days of Christmas bracelet charms are also available as single pieces should you want to place such orders. You can see almost all the 12 charms down below but the problem is that one or two pieces are ornaments and not bracelet charms. Go ahead and take a look anyway.


  Partridge in a Pear tree                          French hen bracelet charm 

Turtle doves bracelet charm           Calling bird – Christmas ornament

  Golden rings bracelet charm           Geese-a-Laying bracelet charm


        Maids-a-Milking – ornament             Ladies dancing – ornament


       Pipers piping – ornament                      Drummer drumming – bracelet charm

How about treating yourself to a beautiful Christmas gift this year? Needless to say, this elegant 12 days of Christmas bracelet, inspired by the famous Christmas carol makes a wonderful gift to anyone you want to make happy this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!!


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