abominable snowman Christmas decorationThere’s a lilt in the air of people shopping for everything Christmassy, right up to the best and most outstanding tree decorations like the abominable snowman Christmas decoration.

You needn’t trudge down to the stores and look for this cute little Christmas decoration–you can find them at online stores too.

A visit to a few online stores will throw up a huge variety of the abominable snowman Christmas decoration in various forms.

For instance, a really endearing one is the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Bumble the Abominable Snowman Christmas Ornament, available online right now.

It is both adorable and ugly and no, children won’t be frightened of it.

Bumble the abominable snowman is also available in the form of a monster figurine, plush pillow, plush toy and even features on an ugly Christmas sweater that you can show off during the Christmas celebrations.

You name it and you have it; such is the huge variety of the abominable snowman Christmas ornament available this festive season. 2014 is a special year for the abominable snowman because he is celebrating his 50th anniversary this year, so isn’t it our duty to make him an important part of our Christmas celebrations?

abominable snowman christmas decoration




This is the 50th anniversary special Bumble abominable snowman decoration with an embroidered winter scarf and a glittering emblem. Oh, isn’t he cute? 


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If you want something charming and eye-catching, you should check out the Inflatable Abominable Snowman Christmas Decoration that is available online in various forms. You could have him either indoors or outdoors  as it suits your convenience and preferences. Wherever he is, he is sure to steal the show.

There’s the abominable snowman Christmas decoration that combines Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer and the abominable snowman, and is also known as Bumble. You can set him up in your yard because he’s meant for outside decoration.

Children will recognize this mix, dressed in Santa’s signature red hat and striped scarf with a gift in his hand for any kid he sees. And yes, don’t forget that cheesy grin. This three feet tall character comes with LED lighting fabric and is a showstopper for sure.

Abominable snowman Christmas decoration for Christmas

abominable snowman decoration for Christmas



Bumble, the beloved Abominable Snowman character from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is seen sitting with Santa hat, scarf, Christmas presents and his unique toothy grin. He is 3 ft. tall and is made of fabric with LED lights. This inflatable Bumble snowman lights up instantly and help cheer up the surroundings. Can be used both indoors and outdoors.


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Not to be outshone in this melee of abominable snowmen is this one – the abominable snowman in his inflatable avatar. His ear-to-ear wide grin is sure to liven up the Christmas spirit, so go on and bring him home before anyone else does.

If you’re having a Christmas party and want to welcome your guests with a festive motif right at your gates or driveway, bring home the abominable snowman that would bring a simile to every visitor’s face.

abominable snowman Christmas holiday wreath



Made of polyester and grapevine, this Bumble abominable snowman is simply adorable and makes a great decoration for Christmas. Measuring a little more than a foot in height, he invites visitors into your homes with a big broad grin. 


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The abominable snowman for the yard is ready to set up instantly because he’s in an incandescent form what with 150 incandescent lights!! So, hang him up at your gates so that he shows your guests the way in, or at your patio.

Smiling abominable snowman Christmas decoration

smiling abominable snowman decoration



This abominable snowman is ever smiling and all he needs to be such a cheerful guy is to be placed in a sunny place and he keeps you happy all along by bobbing his head from side to side. Stands less than half a foot and is such a cute little decoration to cheer you up during and after the Christmas season.


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Abominable snowman indoor Christmas decoration

abominable snowman indoor Christmas decoration


The abominable snowman wears a blue vest with his name on it. His cheeks light up and he sings “Have a holly jolly Christmas” when the batteries are powered up. He stands a foot tall and is a great decorative item for indoor use.



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So, go ahead and choose the snowman decoration that best suits your home environment and that which would make you happy just seeing him there in front of you. I’m sure your children would shriek in delight by his very sight and so would you. Merry Christmas!!

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