animated mr and mrs clausAnimated mr and mrs Claus caught my fancy when I saw one at a neighbor’s home recently.

Santa and his better half dressed in pretty miniature outfits, snow-white hair, lovely little spectacles – the detailing on this animated mr and mrs Claus was absolutely lovely.

That was the moment I decided that this Christmas, the noblest couple in the world would be part of my Christmas celebration.

The most special thing about animated mr and mrs Claus is of course the animation, not to mention the in-built music that plays along as almost all the mr and mrs Claus collectibles come with music and light.



We would all love to have Santa visit us, and won’t it be a pleasure to see his lovely lady by his side!!

Among all the animated holiday figures, there is something magical about animated mr and mrs Claus.  

So why is the animated Claus couple Christmas ornament better than the other usual Santa figurines?

Animated mr and mrs Claus

animated mr and mrs claus



This beautifully crafted mr and mrs claus will make a great addition to your Christmas decor by the great detailed creation and the crystal accents. Look at the smiling face of mrs claus as mr claus places a gentle kiss on her cheek. Worth every penny you spend on this artistically designed Santa figurine.



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Well, first things first, we all love a bit of song and dance, and the cuteness factor multiplies when it is Santa and his lady doing the moves.

Animated Santa and mrs claus                                       

animated santa and mrs claus




This is a great piece for outdoor decoration for Christmas where Santa stands almost 3 ft. tall and mrs. claus a few inches shorter. Ideal yard decoration made of durable iron with the stakes easily installed.


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Another thing that I liked about my neighbor’s animated mr and mrs Claus was that they had found the perfect place for it – on top of the fireplace in the living room.

The music coupled with the gentle movement made for a nice and subtle background to the whole festive setting (Yes, they are in the festive mood already. Aren’t you?)

Mr and Mrs Claus Mugs

mr and mrs claus mugs


The set of a pair of 22 oz. coffee mugs make for a lovely Christmas present to anyone you love. Made of high quality reinforced ceramic. 


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I must add that most animated mr and mrs Claus figures run on battery and have a switch which gives you the option of playing both movement and music or just the movement if you prefer it that way.

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus                                            

mrs and mr santa claus




You can see Santa relaxing on a love seat with mrs claus after a long strenuous day of giving away presents. He is enjoying a smooching welcome by his lady love while holding a mistletoe above their heads.  The warm glow on their faces is from a LED light. This hand-painted figurine requires 3 AAA batteries not included. An ideal table top decoration.


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On a parting thought, animated mr and mrs Claus could also be an interesting gifting option, what do you think?

There are so many stunning varieties of Santa and mrs. Claus available online that you’ll find it very difficult to choose the best. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you 🙂

Animated mr and mrs claus figurines for Christmas

animated mr and mrs claus figurines for christmas




This is a beautiful table top decoration item with our beloved Santa gently rocking his lady love. It is animated and plays “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. Made of plastic and fabric.


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I am sure you’ll agree with me when you see the mr and mrs claus products online. You’ll go crazy as to which one would be ideal for your home this festive season because you’ll fall in love with them all 🙂

Happy shopping and a Merry Christmas!!












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