bride and groom christmas ornamentsBride and groom Christmas ornaments make an endearing piece of Christmas decoration.

As a child, I would be mesmerized by the miniature couple figurines on my Christmas tree.

They make such a happy sight and I love to buy a new set every Christmas.

Having bride and groom decorations on the Christmas tree is like giving a special place to a beautiful symbol of family, love and relationships.

With thanksgiving only a few days away, my preparations are almost done and I am sure you are geared up for the festivities as well.

Planning for Christmas does require some dedicated effort, but I love every bit of it.

My Christmas shopping list keeps getting longer and longer as I come across wonderful new Christmas ornaments every day.

Bride and groom ornaments for Christmas also make for a wonderful, thoughtful personalized gift for a couple, particularly if someone you know is about to get married. You can have them customized and home-delivered.

 Bride and groom Christmas ornaments

bride and groom christmas ornaments


This cute little bride and groom Christmas ornament was introduced in the market in 2013. You can see the newly married couple driving off for their honeymoon with dreams of an awesome life together. This is an ideal gift to the newlyweds who would be celebrating their first Christmas together to keep afresh memories of their honeymoon.


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Apart from my personal favorite bride and groom Christmas ornaments, I also like the just-married ornaments, perfect for a couple celebrating their first Christmas.

Christmas ornaments bride and groom

Christmas ornaments bride and groom




Ceramic and dolomite, the materials that make up this beautifully crafted piece of wedding ornament, ensure longer life and stability. Ideal for wedding day remembrance that you can gift yourself or someone close to you. Comes in a beautiful gift box.


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One thing that you need to keep in mind while purchasing your bride and groom Christmas ornaments is the material – they come in clay, glass and ceramic.

The glass ones would be a little more fragile than the others but they are also more elegant and eye-catching and stand out from the rest. 

Bride and groom ornaments for Christmas

bride and groom ornaments for Christmas



This is a beautifully designed novel type of champagne glass. To use the champagne glass, all you need to do is to remove the figurine from the glass and mount it on a special cardboard stand that comes with the product. You get a beautiful gift box too.



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There are quite a few bride and groom ornaments which can serve as a Christmas gift, bridal shower gift or a present for newlyweds. What’s more, many can be personalized to suit your needs and preferences.

Christmas bride and groom decorations

Christmas bride and groom decorations



The Bugs Bunny bride and groom Christmas ornament is made of top quality porcelain and measures a little less than four inches in height. Brought out by the same company that creates the world famous ‘Hummel’ Collectors statues. 


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If you are looking to buy bride and groom ornaments this Christmas, look up the above displayed images and also many others that are available online and choose wisely so that you feel happy about the purchases you have made for this year’s Christmas celebrations.

I am sure you’ll fall in love with these pretty little things, just as I have.

Choose your favorite bride and groom Christmas ornaments and make this Christmas a great occasion!Merry Christmas!!


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