brown and gold christmas decorationsBrown and gold Christmas decorations are my favorite during the holiday season, but so far, I have not used this decoration for Christmas in my home.

This is because it has always been a practice to use the traditional red, green and gold colors for holiday decorations.

But I have always secretly admired the beautiful brown-gold combination in decorations that I have seen at a few friends’ houses.

But this year being a different year in many aspects for personal reasons, I decided to look for a different color theme for Christmas.

The color that had my instant attention was the brown-gold color combination mainly because of the subtle beauty this combo displays and also because it has always been in the back of my mind as my favorite combination for decoration.

I did a lot of browsing online before deciding upon this decoration as I wanted to be sure that I would be able to get my kind of choice online. I was quite surprised to find a whole lot of great collection online and I’m happy it is a wise decision.

Lots of brown and gold Christmas decorations are available online much to my surprise and I suddenly realized that all these years I had not looked beyond the traditional colors for beautifying my home for Christmas.

The walls in my home are beige, so the brown and gold decorations are sure to blend well with them and give the room a beautiful glow.

This is going to be almost shocking to my family as it happens when there is a change but I’m sure they are going to be delighted to see the effect of this rich combination of colors on our home and the way it transforms the entire look and make it look very different from the earlier years.

I expect the festive mood to be more jubilant this year partly due to the complete makeover the house gets and partly due to the celebration itself.

Brown and gold Christmas decorations

brown and gold christmas decorations





These poinsettia picks make elegant brown and gold Christmas decorations and add to the beauty of any craft arrangement or room decor for Christmas. You get 12 of these pieces in a pack when you order it online.

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I love the delicate beauty that these brown and gold Christmas decorations display but to use these, you need to plan well to set the entire room to suit this color combination. Once you do this, it is certain that everyone who visits you will be in awe of the decorations.

I am very happy that I have found some great products online for the brown and gold Christmas decorations this year. I have made a mental plan about the placement of the Christmas tree and the ornaments as well as the entire décor of the room.


Brown and gold Christmas wreath

brown and gold Christmas wreath


This Christmas decoration has pine cones arranged on plastic and metal. Long needle pine, cedar and fern along with golden brown curly ribbons make up the whole unit. Comes in one piece.


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The choice of gold and brown Christmas decorations available online is so huge that it is going to be very difficult for me to pick the best from among them. Here is the list of the decorative items that would be ideal for the brown and gold Christmas theme.

Take a look and if you like what you see, you could buy a few that interest you or if you need to see more such products, click on any of the images on this page and explore to see a larger variety of these decorations.


 Simple Christmas decorations

Simple Christmas decorations




Simple Christmas decorations like this look elegant and rich combining the luster of glass and the unbreakable quality of plastic. Golden lines run across the entire surface of the ball ornament making it look like an intricate lattice work. 


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These are some great additions to the products mentioned above, so you could take a look if you like them. They are such beautiful pieces of brown and gold Christmas decorations that you really cannot decide which one to take. Each and every ornament can make your Christmas decor this year awesome and attract appreciation from your family and visitors.




Christmas Tree Decoration in Brown and Gold

The aesthetic value of these beautiful brown and gold Christmas decorations coupled with their shatter-proof quality and simplicity add great value to your Christmas decor.

May the joy of Christmas spread around making your family and all your loved ones happy this festive season! Merry Christmas!!

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