burgundy and gold christmas ornaments

Burgundy and gold Christmas ornaments, in my opinion, are the best-looking Christmas decorations as they are so attractive that they catch your attention on a first glance of the festive decor.

Surely you want to dress up your Christmas tree with a large assortment of decorations that are both traditional to the festive spirit and unique in its look.

Well, with the shops brimming with beautiful and never-before kind of decorations, you can easily achieve your goal.

You can choose to dress up your Christmas tree in conventional colors like burgundy and gold, or you can choose to go with silver and black.

You might like to decorate your tree in the Nutcracker style in burgundy, navy blue and red. Adorn your tree with gold and silver ornaments like tassels.

Perhaps, you’d be interested in hanging up burgundy, green and gold assorted glass figurines of Santa, roosters, poinsettias, etc. A Santa in the sleigh figurine can really lift your staid Christmas tree.

Is your tree top looking bare and boring? Dress it up with a red angel with poinsettia Christmas tree topper and watch your friends       gawk up at it. The angel’s burgundy and gold gown has red poinsettias and holly on it and a gold cord.

Another important Christmas symbol in classic burgundy and gold is the stocking that you can find in this combination of colors just about everywhere. Don’t forget to bring one home.

Burgundy and gold Christmas ornaments

Burgundy and gold Christmas ornaments


60 pieces of shiny ornaments in a box. These ornaments come with 4 amazing finishes. Shatterproof ornaments that give the appealing look of glass and are unbreakable too as they are made of durable plastic. You are provided with matching gold string hangers, so the decoration with burgundy and gold Christmas ornaments is complete.


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And if you want to bring more color to your tree and Christmas corner, remember to shatterproof trimmings in burgundy, red and gold.

Burgundy and gold ornaments for Christmas

Burgundy and gold ornaments for Christmas




This ornament is a beautiful addition to your Santa collection as well as that of burgundy and gold ornaments. The detailing on the figurine is minute and exquisite. Hand-crafted and hand-painted Christmas ornament adds color and richness to your Christmas tree.




Just for variety, it also helps to add on some food ornaments in burgundy and gold such as a gingerbread house or a gingerbread candy train.

Or how about a Yule log in the shape of a Bratislava Santa? Dressed in classic red, burgundy and gold, he’s sure to bring joy and cheer everywhere.

Burgundy and gold Christmas decorations

burgundy and gold Christmas decorations




The gold and burgundy elf ornaments are yet another unique addition to your Christmas collection. The pack has 2 ornaments with each of the elf figures dressed in gold and burgundy with striped blue trim and embellished with gems and bells.




You can also decorate your dining table using a burgundy table cloth with a floral arrangement of poinsettia flowers, needles, berries, etc that complete the classic Xmas picture in burgundy and gold.

Merry Christmas!!

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