5 cute cat Christmas tree ornaments

Cat Christmas tree ornaments would be a lovely addition to your already huge Christmas ornaments collection this festive season.

Especially for all of you cat lovers out there (including me), it is a beautiful set of ornaments, as cute and cuddly as the cats are.

Have you started with the holiday preparations as yet? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it won’t be long before we are greeting our loved ones for Christmas.

So it’s high time we started getting ready to decorate our homes for the great Day and for the New Year.

Cat enthusiasts will love the idea of hanging a few (or lots of) cat ornaments to add beauty and elegance to their Christmas tree.

As I am a cat lover myself, I expect the whole world to acknowledge my love for cats – aren’t we humans always like this?

Anyway, if cats are not your favorites, take a look at these different varieties of ornaments in the shape of cats and you might just agree.

I must admit that I have a queer fancy for the cat Christmas tree ornaments because I am a cat lover and am literally surrounded by cats at home.

They are my best friends and my children love them, so the cat ornaments that come in various sizes, shapes and styles have always fascinated me.

There are so many varieties of cat ornaments being sold online for Christmas that it is very difficult to choose the best from among them.

Name them and you have them – Santa hat cat ornaments, Himalayan cat, Persian cat, chubby cat, fat cat, Tabby cat, Resin cat, Calico cat – WOW! What a collection!

My head is spinning when I see a whole lot of such beautiful cat Christmas tree ornaments as I’m unable to decide which one to buy, which one to give away as gift and which one to keep!

Cat Christmas tree ornaments

cat Christmas tree ornaments




I was amused to find this newest item of cat ornament online and am sure you’ll all love it too. It is such a novel piece of Christmas decoration that will attract a lot of attention. It is a large pearl white round glass ball with a decorative hook hanger on top. The large red paw in the middle is a shout out to your beloved cats and makes for a beautiful decoration for your Christmas tree. 


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You’ll also be in a similar and confused state if you were in my position. Such is the wide variety of cat ornaments for the Christmas tree available these days.

It is amazing that every cat ornament has its own personality and character and I get a feeling that it is like something happening with my cats in real life.                                                 

Cat ornaments for Christmas tree         Cat ornaments for Christmas tree


This is a really beautiful ornament that has six colored lights blinking around it that would make your Christmas tree attractive. Imagine having  several of them on your Christmas tree!! Just flick a switch and you have all the lights on. Works on 3 button cell batteries that are included with the ornament.


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They look so charming and attractive that you can’t resist the temptation to buy a few even if you already have hundreds of them in your collection.

The cat Christmas tree ornaments can be used for many purposes:

  • They are excellent ornaments that can be hung from the Christmas tree
  • They are ideal gifts for pet lovers
  • They make wonderful stocking stuffers too

Christmas tree cat ornaments

christmas tree cat ornaments



This whimsical cat  is intricately hand-painted and adds a touch of the folk art humor of Jim Shore to the Christmas tree. This is a great product from Enesco, the company that has been creating original and top quality home decor items for more than 50 years.


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You’ll find it funny but my sister and I compete with each other in collecting these beautiful cat Christmas tree ornaments.

She is a crazy Hello Kitty fan just like my daughter, so keeps spying around me to see if I have anything new in my collection that would interest her 😉 

Black cat Christmas ornament

black cat christmas ornament



The black cat Christmas angel ornament is very popular. It is made from stone resin and can be placed on top spot of the Christmas tree or on the mantel. It would make an excellent gift to your friends and family who are cat-lovers. 


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Hello Kitty Christmas ornaments being a part of the cat decorations, I don’t hesitate to add that to my collection too.

I look for all kinds of cute little ornaments in the shape of cat that pleases me to no end.

Click below to see a huge variety of cat Christmas tree ornaments available online today and make the most of your Christmas shopping!

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The cat Christmas tree ornaments would certainly add some whimsical cheer to your Christmas tree. If you have not had the cat Christmas tree ornaments as part of your Christmas decorations so far, try out putting up some this season. Merry Christmas!!

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