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happinessI am a person who loves to enjoy life,  to be happy always and to smile at every person I see anywhere.

If you think I am very rich and don’t have any problems in life, you have got it wrong. I am an ordinary person from an upper middle-class family with a whole lot of problems just like everyone in this world.

It is not the problem but your perception of the problem that makes it big or small. Read the rest of this entry

All of a sudden I got inspired to put down a few thoughts into my blog for the first time. Normally I don’t voice my thoughts out loud as I have always kept a low profile.

When I became active online mainly to work on some assignments for my clients, I used to come across a few personal blogs that I used to follow and read with great interest too. I used to think that I was neither a celebrity nor a person with a lot of accomplishments and successes in life to write about my life, so never gave it a second thought.

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