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bride and groom christmas ornamentsBride and groom Christmas ornaments make an endearing piece of Christmas decoration.

As a child, I would be mesmerized by the miniature couple figurines on my Christmas tree.

They make such a happy sight and I love to buy a new set every Christmas.

Having bride and groom decorations on the Christmas tree is like giving a special place to a beautiful symbol of family, love and relationships. Read the rest of this entry

animated mr and mrs clausAnimated mr and mrs Claus caught my fancy when I saw one at a neighbor’s home recently.

Santa and his better half dressed in pretty miniature outfits, snow-white hair, lovely little spectacles – the detailing on this animated mr and mrs Claus was absolutely lovely. Read the rest of this entry

pre quilted Christmas fabric Don’t you simply love this part of the year! It’s time to enjoy the snow; to observe the spirit of Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas celebrations; endless cups of coffee nestled with friends and family. And yes, time to get your hands on some pre quilted Christmas fabric. 


Some friends can’t help asking me why I get so excited at spotting any type of fabric Christmas decorations. What exactly do you do with it? Well, it depends on your imagination (and a little research on the internet) as to what magic you can create with the quilted Christmas fabric decorations. Read the rest of this entry

zebra print christmas ornamentsIf trends are anything to go by, Zebra print Christmas ornaments are clearly the in thing this Christmas season.

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I am one experimental spirit. I like to hunt for newer things that can bring an element of surprise to the entire festive experience.

So I was more than happy when I received my first ever Zebra print ornaments for Christmas last year – a beautiful stocking to hang on my fireplace and a pair of beautiful pine cone Zebra print ornaments for the tree.
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Lighted Reindeer and SleighA lighted reindeer and sleigh – could the festivities get more exciting!

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not far behind, I am so thrilled to get into the festive mood.

I have already begun my Christmas preparations and if you are reading this, I am sure you have too.

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Frosty The Snowman OrnamentsYou don’t have to be a child to want Frosty the Snowman ornaments on your Christmas tree, do you?  Ever since his birth in 1950, this cute and chubby guy has ruled the hearts of adults and kids alike.

Any Christmas decoration is incomplete without Frosty the Snowman. I for one love having Frosty ornaments placed around the house long after Christmas is gone.

Bumping into this jolly little snowman every now and then makes me so happy.
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brown and gold christmas decorationsBrown and gold Christmas decorations are my favorite during the holiday season, but so far, I have not used this decoration for Christmas in my home.

This is because it has always been a practice to use the traditional red, green and gold colors for holiday decorations.

But I have always secretly admired the beautiful brown-gold combination in decorations that I have seen at a few friends’ houses.
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Frosty the snowman toyFrosty the Snowman toy – the very mention of him brings a smile to my face. Moms and dads are busy looking for the best snowman in town to present their kids with this cute little gift for Christmas.

How happy the children would be to receive this wonderful gift from their parents!

Christmas is a time for giving and for receiving, and while you’re at it, why not do a good job of giving something really nice to your loved ones?
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Santa and Reindeer outdoor decorations

To me, the Santa and reindeer outdoor decorations have helped me make lots of friends with neighbors in the last few years by being great conversation starters.

The Santa outdoor decoration simply amazes not only neighbors and visitors but even passers-by who don’t hesitate to stop by and watch the scintillating lighted Santa with his majestic reindeer whether in a sleigh or on a motorbike. 

As days close in towards Thanksgiving, excitement increases. The festival fever is catching on fast as we prepare to greet our most awaited celebration, Christmas. Read the rest of this entry

IAwesome starfish Christmas tree topper love the Starfish Christmas tree topper not just because it gives a great finishing touch to the Christmas tree but because of the fact that it would make an ideal gift for my friends who are starfish fans.

I haven’t owned a starfish tree topper so far as I have always followed the family tradition, so didn’t think of this idea before.

I will give it a serious thought probably when we decide to have different themes for Christmas every year.

I have always admired the look of the starfish tree topper at friends’ houses I have visited over the years though. Read the rest of this entry

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