treeThe German immigrants who had settled in Pennsylvania in the beginning of the nineteenth century were the first to introduce the tradition of Christmas trees in the USA.

Using a Christmas tree as an important part of the Christmas celebrations was a practice that began in Germany even as early as 700 A.D. and it continued well into the nineteenth century.

So with the Germans settling down in parts of America, the Christmas tree tradition slowly passed on to the Americans and this is how the Christmas tree became popular as a vital part of the celebrations.

A special atmosphere is created in our homes by the presence of a Christmas tree along with other decorative items such as garlands and wreaths during the festive season.

So we could say that the sale of Christmas trees in America began in the 1800s and at about the same time, the former Woolworth’s department store started selling ready-made ornaments that were used to decorate the trees.

The use of artificial trees is preferred by some while others choose to have a nice, fresh Christmas tree either inside their homes or on their lawns. There are so many different varieties of trees with varied shapes and features that some are more popular than the others.

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