Christmas tree wall decalChristmas tree wall decal is a great alternative to the regular Christmas tree that we generally have and decorate our homes with during the festive season.

This is especially useful when you have limited space in your home and want to enjoy the festivities all the same!!

I’m surprised that I have not so far purchased the Christmas tree wall decal and made my home look and feel more beautiful, elegant and enjoyable all these years.

Not that we have not had fun during the festive season but the idea of the stick and peel Christmas tree never occurred to me probably because we have always had a lot of room in our home to accommodate a huge Christmas tree just like the 7.5’ giant pine that we have at our place right now.

It would have been a wonderful idea if I had thought of decorating the plain walls and windows with these stick, peel and pack beauties year after year attracting our visitors’ attention and getting a pat on the shoulder for the beautiful decorative ideas.


Anyway, it is never too late to get creative and now is the time to change my ideas, look at some new and fancy wall decals for the upcoming festive season and I am sure Christmas is going to be even more enjoyable this year. 

My fascination for a novel Christmas decoration has prompted me to add them to my Christmas shopping list.

My children are going to love these easy-to-use Christmas tree wall stickers because I found, on searching the web for some cute varieties of this item, that they are available in a multitude of vibrant colors and interesting and unique patterns.

This, I’m sure, would add more life to the celebration and attract appreciative comments too.

On a thorough research of the product, I found that I could make use of these beautiful wall decor stickers in many ways.

I am trying to chart out a plan as to how many stickers I will need for Christmas this year and how I will be using them to add color and life to my place.

Looks like I would need at least three of these wall decals, one for the living room where the regular Christmas tree would be placed, one each for my boys’ and daughter’s rooms and an extra for one of the windows in the living room facing the main door.

Christmas tree wall decal

The third one I chose is for the boys’ room and I am quite confident that it is an excellent choice.

Made of good quality vinyl plastic, the Christmas tree wall decal for Christmas stands tall at more than 6’ and looks majestic with a realistic appearance.

The boys themselves will be able to get the decal up on the wall – it is so simple to do.

Christmas tree wall decal

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This wall decal looks amazingly beautiful and so natural that I simply could not resist ordering it though I had second thoughts about ordering a third wall decoration due to the overall expenditure.

But I did eventually add it to my list and I’m glad I did!

Vinyl wall decal

Christmas tree wall decal

The best Christmas tree vinyl wall sticker I have so far seen online is the pre-lit tree made out of bio-degradable fabric.

This white wall sticker would look very attractive when it goes on the dark-colored wall facing the large Christmas tree and will be the cynosure of all eyes.

This seems to be slightly expensive for a wall decal but when I see it as a long-term investment as it can be used for many years to come, I think it is a good buy. Moreover it is a large sticker measuring 6’ X 3.25’, so it is certainly not too expensive.

Christmas Tree Wall stickers for kids’ room

Christmas tree wall sticker for kids room

Christmas wall decal


The one I chose for my little daughter’s bedroom looks so very cute and it is going to make her room look colorful and will make her happy. I think this Christmas tree wall decoration is ideal for children’s room and is priced reasonably too.

There is still a lot of time for Christmas purchases (in as far as delivery of online orders are concerned – they are made quite quickly), so I decided to try it out by ordering just one of the Christmas wall decals online.

This would give me the confidence to buy the rest of them instead of buying them all at one go and then feeling disappointed should something go wrong. This is also because I want to have three of these items in a single year!

If I order one for the living room alone, I might feel bad about not being able to have another in the children’s room and depriving them of the happiness they would feel in waking up to a beautiful sight every morning during the festive season.

For the living room, I intend putting up the wall decal on the wall facing the main Christmas tree as I think they will complement each other.

From the product descriptions found online, the Christmas tree wall decal is reusable, so I can use it for many years.

Wall decor stickers for Christmas

Vinyl christmas tree wall decalThe vinyl Christmas tree wall decal you see here is so pretty that I have decided to put up the last one in my guest room that would be accommodating my relatives for this year’s Christmas.

The red one is so attractive that I have decided upon this because it would blend well with the red piece of furniture in the guest bedroom.

But it is available in many radiant colors that you can choose whatever color you think would be nice for your home.

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Why should you buy the Christmas tree  wall decal?

From the product descriptions found online, the Christmas tree wall decal is reusable, so I can use it for many years.

I am a green activist, so the thought of using these artificial decorations year after year in place of real trees impresses me.

If you are a person who wants to save all the mess from having a natural Christmas tree in your home or if you have a small apartment and cannot think of accommodating one, natural or artificial,  the Christmas tree wall decal comes in handy and solves all your problems.

Not only will your family be pleased with the outcome but you will also feel a lot relieved from the stress you would be experiencing in the absence of such great innovations.

Who knows, the future generations may settle on having just this kind of wall stickers all over their homes making the place beautiful and saving a lot of manual work that is involved in setting up an actual Christmas tree.

Benefits of having a Christmas tree wall decal

  • Saves time and space and a lot of your effort
  • Available in different styles and colors, so you can choose your favorite
  • You save a tree in the process
  • You can save the packaging and reuse it next year
  • A simple technique to bring about a dramatic change to the room
  • Easy to put up (simply peel and stick) and remove after use; does not leave any ugly marks behind; easy to clean with a wet sponge
  • Made from bio-degradable fabric and inks that are fade-resistant, so eco-friendly. Some are made from vinyl plastic too
  • Durability depends on exposure to sun in case you want to put up the decoration outdoors; normally it stays good for about 4 to 10 years
  • The cloth stickers are different from vinyl decals in that they are safer and look like they are part of the wall as they are made from a smooth fabric with matte finish as against the flat, sticker-like look of the vinyl decals
  • Size of the wallflowers range from small to gigantic ones, so they can be made very small or incredibly big to suit rooms of any size

With so many benefits to its credit, the Christmas tree wall decal gets my top rating for the simplicity and aesthetic appeal it offers.

Why not try buying these cute wall stickers and gain your visitors’ appreciation while making your family members happy?

Merry Christmas!!

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