extra large christmas stockingsExtra large Christmas stockings seem to be the talk of the town now with the newest designs and patterns scattered all over the market.

I have at least a dozen of the Christmas stockings that I have been purchasing over the years as I feel the need to keep up with the current trends in Christmas shopping.

More importantly, I feel that by buying the latest and modern decorations for Christmas, I am able to make my family happy especially my children who feel very proud of the way our home is decorated for the season.

I bought the large Christmas stockings at various points of time when there was a need for an extra stocking due to the not-so-good condition of an older one that I have been using for many years or when I saw a cute and new design that would be a great addition to the existing ones.

In fact, the socks that I own are light up Christmas socks that I stuff the gifts for the family in but they are not as big as the extra large Christmas stockings that I saw very recently and wanted to own.

I was fascinated by these extra large Christmas stockings when I saw them in an online store while looking for something else and felt compelled to buy at least a pair of them in different designs just for the joy of owning them.

I told myself that I would not buy more than a pair as there was actually no need for them but I did not want to miss them as they were so attractive and cute.

I am not sure whether I will use these new pair of stockings this year but I am happy I purchased them and will certainly display them as a decorative item even if I don’t use them for stuffing gifts in.

Extra large Christmas Stockings

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Out of the dozen Christmas socks that I have, I bought at least half of them this year only when, on coming across them online, I could not resist the temptation of wanting to own the light up socks.

Had I seen these huge stockings before I bought those, I would now be a proud owner of at least half-a-dozen extra large Christmas stockings.

Extra large stockings for Christmas                                

extra large stockings for Christmas




This is a lovely piece of authentic stocking from Disney. Measures a foot and a half long and looks very attractive which made me want to order it. Ideal as gift for Disney lovers.





I have had the older ones for more than 5 years now and they are still in good condition, so I use them too. I fell in love with the light up socks that I purchased this year as they look very attractive and colorful.

They are great gift stuffers and I am sure they are going to be the main attraction in this year’s Christmas decor.

More than anyone else, my children will love them for sure when they get to see their gifts in an all-new sock with their favorite cartoon or sport character as I have chosen them very carefully depending on their tastes.

Over sized Christmas stockings

super large christmas stockings       jumbo snowman christmas stockings










I would never have seen these extra-large Christmas stockings online but chanced upon them when I was scouring the web for a different product.

I am thankful that I found them as I feel it is good to have at least one or two of these most attractive and huge stockings to fill your gifts in.

christmas stockings extra large

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The stockings are available in many different hues and patterns and it is difficult to make a choice as you feel like buying everything that is displayed in the online store.

Of course, that is not possible, so you will have to choose the best of the lot and make the most of your purchase.

I wanted to buy a few more of these stockings but as I already have a large number of socks, I stopped with purchasing a couple of them and have been recommending them to my friends and relatives who have started their Christmas shopping only recently.

I love the handcrafted style extra-large Christmas stocking as I found them inexpensive as well as of good quality. I am only keeping them as additions to my already huge collection of socks, so I chose to buy only a very few.

I hope you are not as undecided as I am in this regard and make a wise decision about buying the most appropriate extra large Christmas stockings to enjoy this Christmas. Happy shopping and a Merry Christmas!!




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