imagesIf you are a regular online browser or a website/blog owner having to create a lot of content, you’ll agree with me when I say that it is quite difficult to find appropriate images for whatever content we are creating.

Finding images online is not the difficult part; but finding those that we can use without having to go through the ordeal of understanding the legalities related to their use is the most difficult part. 

But how would you feel if you chanced upon a website that offered you photos – not just any photo – but awesome, high-res photos for free and those that you could publish right away without the hassles of looking for the license clause?

I was in this situation recently; I nearly fell off my chair when I saw these pictures that were being offered for free and without any of the license issues normally associated with online images.

No attribution required; can modify as you please, can use for commercial purposes without permission etc.

Who would be so magnanimous as to offer such beautiful pictures without a fee or a license? I was amazed by this act of generosity of Mikael, the owner of the website .

I was so touched by this kind gesture that I sent him a ‘thank you’ note instantly. There was an instant response to my email saying that he appreciated my acknowledgment. Since I found this site, I use the images for my own work but I don’t forget to spread the word about it too.


I pin the images and have also created a bookmark on my account so that it gets shared by lots of people everyday. This is my way of saying thanks to the friendly and generous website owner.

The picture you see on this page is taken from Unsplash. The pictures you find on this website may not suit any and every niche topic but they are mostly about nature, travel, animals and the regular things that we come across in our everyday life like a simple coffee or a laptop but they are useful for people like me who work online all the time on different projects.

I am sure you will also find this website useful.


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