Frosty the snowman toyFrosty the Snowman toy – the very mention of him brings a smile to my face. Moms and dads are busy looking for the best snowman in town to present their kids with this cute little gift for Christmas.

How happy the children would be to receive this wonderful gift from their parents!

Christmas is a time for giving and for receiving, and while you’re at it, why not do a good job of giving something really nice to your loved ones?

Perhaps you’re browsing the web trying to find something unique for your kids. Though the stores are filled with toys of all kinds, you could be picking up just the kind of toy your kids will love.




I am referring to Frosty the snowman toy – the very cheerful snowman that actually responds when you press the button on his cap with, “Put my hat on my head to see me dance around!” Try it, it’s great fun and your kids will love to spend time with Frosty.

Actually, the way he sings and dances is so adorable that Frosty the Christmas snowman is a great hit even among adults. So, whether you decide to gift this cute little snowman to a child or an adult, they are going to love you for it.

Frosty is such a popular little Christmas figure that it’s not surprising that the makers of this cuddly toy have expanded their range of Frosty figures to include Singin’ Spinnin’ Frosty The Snowman Plush and Huggable Frosty the Snowman.

There are quite a few other Frosty specials such as  Holiday Snowflake Frosty the Snowman and Hallmark Dancing Frosty the gifting something your loved ones might have always wanted but never verbalized.

You could be gifting something really adorable as a singing and dancing Frosty to your family or friends who may like a cuddly gift like this one. You could also be making a serious addition to a collection of snowmen.

However your Christmas gift may be received by your friends and family, it’s sure to provide them with more than a year full of happy moments and love.

Frosty the Snowman toy

Frosty the snowman toy


Frosty the snowman Grand Arctic Express toy train has a color combination of blue and silver perfect for the winter season. It includes a track that forms a 4-ft. diameter circle and can be placed as a decoration under the Christmas tree apart from being used as a toy. The train has a battery-operated engine with the authentic sound of a train, a freezer car, a coal car, a caboose and Frosty the snowman figure made of PVC. This train runs on 6 “C” batteries that need to be purchased separately.

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Huggable Frosty the snowman toy

Huggable frosty the snowman toy




Truly the huggable plush toy that he is, Frosty the snowman is adorable especially to those that love him. This is a battery-operated plush toy. Gift him to your little ones for this Christmas and they will love you for it. 


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Frosty the Snowman with music and lights

Frosty the Snowman with music and lights



This is a beautiful piece of snowman toy for children aged 3+. Illuminated toy made of Polyester with changing color lights, the toy plays 4 Christmas songs. Works on 3 “AA” batteries to be purchased separately. Enjoy this Christmas listening to one of the classic Christmas songs every time you squeeze Frosty’s hand.



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singing dancing snowman toy


Soft and furry snowman toy that sings “Frosty the Snowman”. Favorite of both children and adults. Click the image to find out more styles of the same toy such as ‘funny singing and dancing dog’, ‘farting santa’, singing and dancing Christmas tree’, ‘story telling Peter rabbit’ and many more.


I remember my neighbor telling me how her son wouldn’t let go of the snowflake Frosty snowman that she got him last Christmas. When he got up every morning, he had to see Frosty first before doing anything else. Such is the passion  children have for this cute snowman, so you need not think twice before buying it as a gift for anyone be it kids or adults. Everyone will love him

Snowflake Frosty the Snowman Plush Doll

Snowflake Frosty the snowman doll



This winter special from ToyFactory measures 13 1/2 ” and is a plush, cuddly doll. A smaller version of this doll at 9″ is also available for a lower price. 


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Frosty the Dancing Snowman

Frosty the dancing snowman




A techno plush doll from Hallmark, this snowman sings and dances to the classic “Frosty the Snowman” when you activate him by pressing a button on his head or even his hand. The doll comes with 3 AAA batteries. He creates a magical environment for the kids and adults too. 



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Frosty the snowman toy brings joy and cheer to the whole family not only during the Christmas season but round the year. He is always in greater demand during the winter holiday season when he is the most favored gift for Christmas. So let’s celebrate Frosty the snowman this year too in all his glory!! Merry Christmas!!









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