hello kitty dancing Christmas lightsHello Kitty Christmas lights are a joy to keep as their very presence in your yard can make eyes roll in excitement. They are also available as tiny Hello Kitty faces stringed together for use in any indoor space.

I was visiting a friend a few years ago when I saw this cute, adorable lighted Hello Kitty figure in her yard that I became a serious fan and vowed to start collecting these for my own Christmas decorations.

I could not have purchased all of them at once with a long list of other things to buy, so I started buying them one at a time to avoid exceeding my Christmas budget.

Now I have 4 of these lights and intend to collect at least 2 more (if not 4) though I would love to have a huge collection of these beautiful decorative pieces. The reason for this crazy desire to collect a lot of them is because they can be used not only for Christmas but for other occasions like birthday parties too and they would also make excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Decorative lights for Christmas

Initially, though I loved it and wanted to add it to my festival collection of light up Christmas socks, Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree wall decal, Christmas lights and many more, I was a little skeptical about storing the huge lighted figures (you have them in all sizes, the one I saw at my friend’s being 5.5 ft.) for re-use in future.

But my skepticism took a blow when I came to know that they are air-blown inflatables that hardly take any space for storage once they are deflated after use.

Once I made the decision of starting to collect these cute decorations that would enhance the festive mood, I did a thorough research online to find out how many varieties of these Hello Kitty Christmas lights are available on the market.

The results were amazing. I found quite a few varieties of these lights in the form of dancing lights , outdoor figurines, Hello Kitty dressed as animals like the elf with antlers and so on. You have both the indoor and the outdoor décor items that you can choose depending on your requirements. I found single Hello Kitty dolls that light up and these can be placed anywhere you want to; the choices are endless.

Hello Kitty String Lights for Christmas

You’ll find single lighted dolls as in the video above or Hello Kitty lights that come in strings of 8 and 10 lights that blink continuously operated by 2 AA batteries as you can see in the one below. These lights are in the shape of Hello Kitty faces that when lit up inside a room make the room bright and colorful and gives the whole room a face-lift.

Last year I wound the string of 10 Hello Kitty dancing Christmas lights around the small artificial Christmas tree that I placed in my daughter’s room who is a crazy fan of Hello Kitty.

She never tires of anything Hello Kitty, so it is very easy to make her happy and it was not surprising that she was all smiles when she saw her favorite figure as part of the lighting too.

Hello Kitty Dancing Christmas Lights – My collection so far

hello kitty dancing christmas lights

hello kitty Christmas lights









I had 4 of these lights of different kinds for 3 years and am very happy that they are still working fine. The Hello Kitty dancing Christmas lights on the left are those I own and the ones on the right seem to be somewhat new though they look the same, almost identical and also have a lower price. What I did not like about this otherwise cute piece is that the green wire is a mismatch for the product and looks weird.  This could probably be due to the fact that they have been designed to be used on the Christmas tree, so the green color seems apt. The quality being good and the prices affordable, I see no reason why I should not collect more of these lights until I have at least 8 of them.

Hello Kitty Christmas Dancing Lights

Hello Kitty Christmas Dancing Lights


Hello Kitty Christmas dancing lights come in strings of 8 that blink in a continuous sequence that makes it look like a dance. Works on batteries and has an on/off switch. These dancing lights add aesthetic as well as entertainment value to the place.



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This year’s purchase has been entirely different from the ones I have owned so far because this one is the outdoor decoration as against the indoor lights that I bought earlier. So, although I cannot compare them, I find the quality good and appearance great.

When I first saw the Hello Kitty yard decoration, an inflatable figurine that lights up, I was tempted to buy at least 3 of them but cut it down to 2 to fit my budget. Last year, I bought an outdoor figurine standing more than 5 ft. tall for my yard decoration.

There was so much appreciation for it from my visitors including my mother-in-law that I feel very happy and proud of my choice of decoration for the festive season.

Now I have decided to add the Hello Kitty dancing Christmas lights one by one to my collection every year so that I will have a sizable collection in another 2 to 3 years.

hello kitty Christmas decorations


 Hello Kitty Christmas Decorations


This air-blown Hello Kitty inflatable that stands 3.5 ft. tall when inflated wears a pink Santa suit with a party hat and Christmas candy cane and is ideal for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Children (why not adults too?) love the cute little kitten, so any celebration would become a grand affair with this inflatable. You can use it indoors or outdoor as you wish. The unit runs on your normal AC household current, is weather-resistant and comes with everything for a quick and simple setup including lawn stakes and tethers. Self inflates quickly and can be stored away for reuse later.


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Hello Kitty Lights for Christmas

hello kitty lights for Christmas



Product features are the same as above except that it stands 5.5 ft. tall with the specialty being the use of tinsel fabric in the making of this inflatable. This charming inflatable lights up the children’s eyes as well as the entire event whatever it may be, Christmas, New Year, birthdays, anniversaries, family get-together and it can also be used as a prop on stage.



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 Hello Kitty Inflatable for Christmas

hello kitty inflatable for Christmas



Yet another charming Hello Kitty inflatable that lights up giving a pleasant glow, this is made up of 60% fabric, 20% metal and 20% plastic. This is a smaller version measuring less than 2 ft. and may not be a perfect fit for outdoor use but can be used indoors or on the deck as its lights can attract the attention of the neighbors and the passers-by.



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 Inflatable Hello Kitty for Christmas

Inflatable Hello kitty for Christmas




Then there is this newest inflatable Hello Kitty for Christmas, where Hello Kitty is dressed as Elf which is so cute that I wanted to show it here whether or not we buy it, the price being slightly on the higher side. It is nevertheless a cute unit with Hello Kitty dressed in an elf costume. This is a combination of fabric, metal and plastic and measures 5.5 ft. tall


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Hello Kitty Christmas Lights – Maintenance & Storage

What I like most about these Hello Kitty dancing Christmas lights is that I can keep using them for many years to come as the only requirement is batteries and very little maintenance. After repeated use, if you think it needs some clean up, all you need to do is wipe it with a clean, damp cloth and let it dry before storing it. You may also use a little mild detergent if necessary.

These are self-inflated lights which is a big plus for me, so setting up these is a breeze. They can be deflated and stored away easily without me worrying about space constraint. The biggest advantage is that they have no messy power cords, so I don’t have to be extra careful when putting them away after use.

Where to buy Hello Kitty Dancing Christmas Lights

My friend at whose home I first saw the Hello Kitty Christmas lights told me to buy them online as she had done the same. So I dug into all the possible sites that were selling these and finally settled for the ones I found to be reasonably priced and started buying them. These lights can be used indoors along the wall, around the Christmas tree, hung in the porch or used for outdoor decoration as well.

There are so many uses for these kitty lights and if you are a cat person like me, you will enjoy using them and watching them blink, glow and give out lovely light all night.

hello kitty

I am happy mainly because the Hello Kity Christmas lights, even though they are called so, can be put to many uses like for other celebrations such as birthdays or for any outdoor party for that matter.

I have a budget for 3 of these lovely Hello Kitty Christmas lights this year but I am not keeping them all for my use; I need only one to add to my Hello Kitty collection; I want to give one as a gift to my sister who has been in awe of this decor ever since she set her eyes on them in my home.

She had been planning to buy them but for some reason, has not been able to buy them so far, so this would be a great gift for her this Christmas season. I have planned to give the other one to my best friend who also fell in love with these lights at first sight.

I can’t imagine how thrilled they both would be when they see this gift. So, this product not only makes for a great decoration but can also make an ideal gift.

Of all the Hello Kitty products that I am going to buy this year, I love the outdoor Hello Kitty inflatable figurine that will come up to almost my height when inflated and I can’t wait to watch the children getting excited and inviting their friends over just to see this glowing beauty.

In my opinion, every home should have a few of these lights that would simply change the entire atmosphere and enhance the ambience.

Hello kitty dancing Christmas lights are a great way of saying Merry Christmas to friends and family.

There is a whole lot of products out there designed with the Hello Kitty fans in mind, so if you are a die-hard fan and want to see many more items with your favorite cat featured, head on to the page that shows you a variety of items such as stuffed dolls, toys and games, kids’ party supplies, shoes, women’s clothing, bags, jewelry (the list is endless!) by clicking the image below.

all hello kitty

 More Hello Kitty products can be seen here

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