All of a sudden I got inspired to put down a few thoughts into my blog for the first time. Normally I don’t voice my thoughts out loud as I have always kept a low profile.

When I became active online mainly to work on some assignments for my clients, I used to come across a few personal blogs that I used to follow and read with great interest too. I used to think that I was neither a celebrity nor a person with a lot of accomplishments and successes in life to write about my life, so never gave it a second thought.



You’ll agree with me when I say that life is full of changes and surprises. So it has been with my life too. Recently I started thinking how my life has been so far and what I have done with it.

On slowly analyzing my life, I did realize that I have learned a lot of lessons along the way and it would be a good idea to put them down in print so that at least a handful of my readers may benefit from knowing what goes on in the life of the others around them.

This analysis of one’s actions or introspection as I may call it has helped me with a great deal of change in my attitude in the last one year. Well, I used to brood over things a lot before; kept complaining, within myself of course, about the inadequacies of the people around me.

As if I were a perfect person! This is the case with every one of us, I am sure. And this is the reason why we undergo a great deal of suffering in life without looking at our own follies. If only we were to stop for a minute before brooding and complaining and try to figure out where we went wrong instead of finding fault with the others involved, there would be a quick solution to the problems we face in life.

I am saying this from my own personal experience. Now that I am not cribbing about the shortcomings of others I have found peace within myself. Always remember that when you point one finger at the others blaming them, three of your own fingers are pointing back to you.

Whatever be the problem, only I am to be blamed. How do I change the situation instead of waiting for the others to take the initiative in finding a solution? This thought is helping me find a quick solution to any problem I seem to have, with the result that I find life enjoyable. I find happiness and peace in life, making my family also happy.

I really wish many people would start doing this exercise of introspection and benefit from it. I talk about such things to my family and close friends who are sure to understand. A section of people may even ridicule me for saying such things. But I care less for their ignorance. I would love to help people in trouble without expecting anything from them in return. I think such a help is the best form of help you can give someone.

The society on the whole will certainly change for the better if each and every one of us decides to change ourselves and this will automatically contribute towards its development. What a lovely place the world would be then!

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