Fotor0100219164In our fast-paced mechanical life, do we ever stop to think about our everyday actions? Sadly, no.

We are so hard up for time that we do whatever we have to in a routine way and want to call it a day. But can we ever say with contentment that we spent the day in a manner that we wanted to?

We need to make a few actions possible everyday. This was one of the lessons I learned in my yoga course. The instructor used to tell us to do one good deed everyday while planning to do it consciously.

At times, we do help other people on the road or anywhere else spontaneously, but we must consciously make it a habit to do at least one good deed every day that would give us total satisfaction. Even a smile that you give to another person is a good deed, isn’t it? It can make the other person feel happy and wanted.

So, what good deed did you do today? Let me start the list. This afternoon, I helped an old woman get across the road when I found her standing there terrified by the heavy traffic. I felt so sorry for her and suddenly imagined myself in her situation – how will I be when I am her age? I can’t explain in words her gratitude to me for helping her out on a busy road in the scorching heat.

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