light up Christmas necklaceLight up Christmas necklace forms an integral part of Christmas celebrations in every home. It is a well-known fact that colorful lights add to the value of any occasion or event that we celebrate.

Whether your home is a huge palatial mansion or a tiny apartment, lights can change the entire ambience of the place and make it look different.

It is not surprising then that Christmas lights are becoming more and more popular and have become an essential part of the festive season decorations.

During Christmas, I hardly get to pass by a house without different kinds of lights shining from within as well as in the open yard. It’s fun to watch the lights dancing to music in some homes.

Such fancy decorations do make you and your friends and family who visit you during the holiday season feel happy and cheerful. It does add value to the entire Christmas décor and the mood as well.

I have a lot of these products because I have been collecting them over many years! I have had so many of them that I have even given away a few strings of light up Christmas necklace to friends and relatives who appreciated their look and charm!

Despite my huge collection, when I started planning my Christmas decorations recently, I curiously browsed around websites that sold these items, looking for some new pattern and design.

My love for this product made me do so. You’ll be amazed to find the multiple uses of the Christmas lights.


light up Christmas necklace

  Light Up Christmas Necklace



This is a 30” light up Christmas necklace that has 26 multi-colored bulbs with 8 flashing lights and 3 modes, 2 flashing and 1 steady. Changing the mode from slow to fast to steady can be real fun. Comes with batteries included (plus one extra set of batteries) and lasts for more than 5 hours.

Great to be worn for Christmas parties mainly because of the alternating red and green lights. It can also be used to decorate your desk at home or office and does not need a plug as it works on little batteries. Place one of these in every gift stocking; anyone who receives it will simply love it. Inexpensive at $6.

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Over the years, I have been putting them to various uses. One year, I wound them around the railings of my stairs and they looked stunningly beautiful when lit up making the whole place come to life.

My family was overjoyed by the transition from a simple room to a grand ambience.

Another year, I placed several of these necklace strings around the huge Christmas tree that we have and again it attracted a lot of compliments from friends and relatives.

Another year I distributed them among the children who visited us and asked them to wear it around their necks while they had fun with it.

 Light up necklace for Christmas

Light up necklace for Christmas



This holiday light up snowflakes necklace is 36 inches long and comes in 3 modes of slow and fast flashing and one constant glow. It works on batteries that are included in the package when you order one. A free replacement set of batteries is also included. Although there are 24 snowflakes in the light up necklace for Christmas, only every third snowflake lights up, so you have 8 brilliant white LED lights flashing. It is ideal for wearing at parties and also as a gift.

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Yet another Christmas saw me decorate our yard with these beautiful lights that made my garden sparkle and glow.

The choice is endless; if you are creative, you’ll find many more uses for this light up Christmas necklace.


Christmas lights necklace

  Christmas lights necklace






This flashy Christmas lights necklace can be used as a fun accessory to make the Christmas festivities more enjoyable and rekindle the holiday spirit. It is 30” long with 28 lights of which 4 red and 4 green LED lights flash in 3 modes. The package includes batteries with an extra set for replacement.

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This year I have found another way to use it – as a gift. I am going to buy a few of these flashy ornaments and give them away as gifts as they make an ideal Christmas present.

It is a favorite among adults as well as kids and looks cute and it would be appropriate for use in Christmas parties.

I am sure it would look nice and attract attention, so am planning to buy a few this season especially to give away. 


LED light up holiday necklace

 LED light up holiday necklace



LED light up holiday necklace is a butterfly pendant necklace that kids will enjoy wearing at Christmas or any holiday party. This product is available in a pack of 12 pieces with blue and red LED lights and a built in on/off switch. It is made of plastic and includes batteries. Makes an ideal gift for kids and also for wearing at parties.



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The light up Christmas necklace is quite flimsy and fragile, yet for the low price it comes for, it is worth buying it and as far as I know, I have not had any problem with the lights having used them all these years but mainly for decoration.

You can, however, get creative and use these cute little lights the way you want to and enjoy the season.

I hope you find them easy to use and enjoyable too. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!!

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