Light up Christmas socksLight up Christmas socks are a great way to convey your Christmas greetings and express your love for your near and dear. Come Christmas and I am all excited (just like you and everyone else) planning how to make this year’s celebrations unique and more enjoyable than ever before.

Gifts, as we all know, are an important part of the Christmas tradition, so this year too I want to make my family happy by buying them something they would love to have and show off to their friends.

Getting them nice gifts is one thing, but presentation is more important than the actual gifting part, right?

It has never occurred to me before that the way you hand over your gifts is also very important, so I have always purchased the normal kind of stockings for stuffing gifts and have not so far owned the Christmas socks that light-up.

It would certainly be wonderful to stuff your children’s favorite things as gifts in these special kind of socks that blink and glow!!

I am sure pretty much everyone in the family would love these socks as they are attractive as well as useful serving their purpose well. If I had these, I would hang them from the candy cane stocking holders that I purchased only last year so that each member of the family can easily access their stocking and look for their gifts with excitement.

If I bought these lovely socks, I would use them year after year. After all, gifts are an important part of Christmas and stuffing stockings for our closest ones is going to be an exciting activity for me and my husband. I might even think of placing the stocking holders with the stuffed stockings at different places in the living room so that it adds color and beauty to the room.

I simply love the intricacies that have gone into the making of the unique light up Christmas socks. How lovely they would look especially on Christmas Eve after we have arranged the stockings and switched them on!

Earlier we used to place the socks near the fireplace and had to label the socks so as to make it easy for everyone to reach out for their gifts.

With the purchase of these socks, things have changed for the better because I have been able to find everyone’s favorite cartoon or sports or TV show character.

Now the children will know which stocking to grab to find out what gift they are going to get this festive season. Isn’t this something new and convenient?

These socks look special and serve a specific purpose keeping up with the Christmas tradition, so I will have to pack them up neatly for another use next year.

Until last year, I never looked for anything new in the socks variety as I thought I knew what I wanted. Of course it has been two years since I bought this item as the earlier ones were quite durable. They are still good, so I might use them as well along with the new socks I am buying for my children.

I was getting bored with seeing the same gift-stuffers every year as was the entire family, so planned on getting something new and unique this year.

On browsing online, I was surprised to find so many new varieties of light up socks in different hues and patterns and decided to buy these as the family too would be happy and excited to find their gifts stuffed in these newly found stockings.

I am very glad I found exactly what I wanted this year and the ones I found are unique and stylish than the ones I already have. The socks are much bigger, more colorful and are available for a reasonable price.

I love to add to my unique Christmas collection every year and the light up Christmas socks are on the top of my list this year and I am going to buy them for sure.

I love all the five socks that I have decided to buy for this Christmas mainly because I found the socks with my children’s favorite cartoons or sports idols but my favorite is the one I chose for my youngest daughter – it looks so cute and adorable.

Light up Christmas stockings

Light up Christmas stockings

This is the first item I ordered for my younger son who is a die-hard Snoopy fan. Made from imported polyester, the sock has a smooth satin finish with a plush cuff and looks quite large. The LED blinking lights add to the value of this item.

Light up socks for Christmas

Light up socks for Christmas

My older son, a crazy football fan, is going to be thrilled to find his gifts in this new light up sock. The only downside I found in this sock is that it seems a trifle short measuring only 18 inches but the design is so good that I don’t want to pass up the chance to buy it.

This light up Christmas stocking has been officially licensed by the NFL and is made from polyester and fleece. The fiber optic lights are placed at different spots on the sock making it look beautiful.

Light up Christmas socks

Light up Christmas socks

I am getting this for my daughter who is very fond of cute little animals and this is the best of the light up Christmas socks I found online this year and I’m sure she’s going to feel excited to find her gifts stuffed in this cutie.

This sock with a satin finish cloth and an embroidered plush cuff has a 3D stuffed Rudolph and blinking LED lights. You have to buy the batteries separately. Great value for the price.

Light up socks

Light up socks

My niece and nephew (the bubbly twins) are visiting me this year along with their parents, so looked for something that would interest them too and I found these lovely little socks.

This Rudolph light up stocking measuring 23” plays ‘Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer’ and the nose lights up. At the time of writing this, I have already placed the order for all five Christmas socks and can’t wait to receive them.

Light up stockings for Christmas

Light up stockings for Christmas

This mitten-shaped cute little stocking is 15” long and the snowflakes on it twinkle on pressing a button.

I feel certain that Christmas is going to be different this year simply by adding the cute light up Christmas socks that would make the young ones in the family squeal with joy and laughter.

Blinking Christmas stocking

I ordered only 5 of these socks this year and did not find the need to buy this 18-inch Christmas light up sock that has LED lights all over it but it  is so cute that I thought I would add it to my review as a recommendation as you may like to buy it. It only costs $7 and comes with batteries included.

There are many more varieties of light up socks available online. Click the image below for more choices in the Light up Christmas socks category.


Interesting Tidbit

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s biggest stocking is 51.35 metres (168 feet 6 inches) long and 21.63 metres (71 feet) wide from heel to toe. It was made by a volunteer emergency services organization called Pubblica Assistenza Carrara e Sezioni for a fund-raiser in Tuscany, Italy.

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