Lighted Reindeer and SleighA lighted reindeer and sleigh – could the festivities get more exciting!

Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas is not far behind, I am so thrilled to get into the festive mood.

I have already begun my Christmas preparations and if you are reading this, I am sure you have too.


While everybody I know brings home so many little Christmas decorations including reindeer and sleigh ornaments, there’s really nothing that can match up to the sheer beauty of a light up reindeer and sleigh.


For children, Santa’s reindeer and sleigh are synonymous with Christmas. Ask any child if they would like to have a life-sized reindeer and sleigh decoration for Christmas and you’ll hardly ever hear a ‘no’ for an answer!

From experience I can say that it brings a family so much joy to have a reindeer-sleigh combo for Christmas decoration illuminate their front yard.

Every year, my Santa with reindeer and sleigh makes for a heart-warming sight, lighting up not just my yard but the heart of everyone who passes by.

Lighted Reindeer and Sleigh

lighted reindeer and sleigh



This hand-painted lighted cottage is a 2010 addition to the wonderful collection of Thomas Kinkade collection of holiday decorations. The cottage is lighted from the inside and has a light switch at the bottom of the unit. It is an ideal tabletop decoration for Christmas. 


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With all the fairy lights forming a beautiful backdrop, the reindeer and sleigh illumination in our yard is truly the center of attention in my neighborhood. 

 LED light up reindeer and sleigh

LED light up reindeer and sleigh


This reindeer and sleigh ornament would be ideal as a tabletop decorative piece measuring a little more than a foot in length and height. Works on 3 AA batteries. The bonus here is its musical capabilities; it plays the Christmas classic Jingle Bells and can be operated in different modes. You could either have it only singing or both singing and glowing just as you like. 

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In fact, the reindeer and sleigh decoration also makes a wonderful Christmas gift, particularly for families with children. Imagine a child’s excitement to see a lighted reindeer and sleigh sitting pretty right in her garden or yard.

For this very reason, I make it a point to gift a set to the children in my family every year.

 Lighted Crystal Reindeer and Sleigh

lighted crystal reindeer and sleigh



A beautiful ice sculpture model of Santa, the sleigh and the reindeer, this crystal ornament lights up with 3 AAA batteries and can be operated with a light switch at the bottom of the unit. This will make a good tabletop decoration.


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It excites me no end that today there are many options to choose from when buying Christmas lighting and decorations.

So this Christmas season, don’t forget to liven up your home with a lighted reindeer and sleigh. Who knows, you may end up delighting Santa when he comes visiting at night!

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