lime green christmas treeI have a lime green Christmas tree that I would be using to decorate my home for the upcoming Christmas season this year.

I purchased it 2 years ago for Christmas as the one I already had, though in good shape, had outlived its time, so in keeping up with the trend then, I decided to look for a newer version, modern, yet traditional in its own way.

When I finally decided to go in for a brand new Christmas tree after having had a white Christmas tree (which still looks great and is my favorite – I don’t have the heart to dispose it) for more than five years, I was quite baffled by the wide choice of trees available online but one look at the lime green tree and I fell in love with it.

When I saw this 7 ft. Christmas tree with all the decorative lights, I did not have a second thought about buying it because I knew that I wasn’t going to find anything better than this.

My friends who visited us during the Christmas season last year felt the same attraction for the beautiful lime green shade.

I believe that the very presence of this green Christmas tree in my living room exudes amazing positivity and the lime green shade is so attractive that it blends well with the wall color and makes the place look beautiful.

Lime green Christmas tree

lime green christmas tree




This lime green Christmas tree is an artificial fir tree that has about 100 miniature bulbs that light up. It looks so pleasing to the eye that it would be an awesome visual treat to your visitors. 


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I have had this tree for almost 2 years plus and it is still as good as new and continues to get appreciation from our visitors.

Green is my favorite color and having any shade of it within my home (including the several indoor plants that I have) makes me and the entire household feel positive and calm.

So, having this lime green Christmas tree around Christmas spreads cheer and good vibes all over the place.

Christmas tree in lime green

lime green tree for Christmas




This Christmas tree in lime green with a glitter finish comes in 3 different sizes tall, medium and small, the tallest of them measuring 2 ft. It is ideal for indoor decoration and can be displayed separately or together, either way, the visual appeal is great. 




My mother has been repeatedly asking me to order a lime green Christmas tree online for her as she is not tech-savvy and does not handle computers as well as I do and is determined to have this cute little tree for this Christmas as a tabletop decoration.

As I had purchased it online more than 2 years ago, I was a little unsure about finding the same kind of Christmas tree for my mother as she wanted the same thing that I have.

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Fortunately, I didn’t find it difficult to locate this particular Christmas tree and place an order.

Of course, when I started scouring the web looking for the same kind of green tree, it seemed a bit difficult to choose the best one as there was even more variety than before.

But having got a clue to my mom’s preferences, I selected one almost similar to the one I had bought for myself.

Lime green artificial Christmas tree

Lime green artificial Christmas tree


In fact the ones that I located online this year looked more attractive and colorful than the one I have and it is surprising that it does not cost an arm and a leg.

My mother will be very happy that I helped her in getting this lovely tree for this Christmas and will fondly remember the first time she saw it at my home and fell in love with it instantly.

What plans are you making for this Christmas? As I write this, many of you would have started shopping already.

I wish you good luck in getting the best products to make this festive season more colorful and brighter than ever before. Merry Christmas!!








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