nativity sets for childrenWhen they say too many toys spoil a child, I am sure they don’t mean toys such as nativity sets for children.

The heartening scene of Christ’s birth captured in tiny adorable figurines – children’s nativity sets are a great gift for any child.


A wonderful way for children to enjoy the story of Christmas, a nativity set is a beautiful rendition complete with baby Jesus forming the center piece, with mother Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, an angel, a sheep, a shepherd, a cow and a donkey surrounding the newborn.



It is a lovely sight everyone would enjoy, irrespective of their age. Many parents consider nativity sets a great Christmas present for their children.

The beautifully expressive and realistic faces of the characters appeal to children of all ages. In fact, nativity sets for children form a perfect setting when teaching your child about the birth of Jesus.

Nativity sets for children

nativity sets for children


This nativity set is just perfect for introducing the story of the birth of Jesus Christ to young children. Figures in the nativity set include Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, Angel, Three Wise Men, 2 Donkeys, Camel, Sheep, Cow and a stable, palm trees and donkey’s cart. The star lights up when the angel is placed on top of the stable and plays ‘away in a manger’.

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While listening to the story, children can touch the figurines in the nativity scene and move them around, which transforms the entire experience into a realistic and enriching one.

Manger Scene in a nativity set

manger scene in a nativity set


This nativity scene includes a stable, Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, an angel, the wise men, a lamb, a donkey, a camel and a calf, just like in the story and your children would love to hear about the story of the birth of Christ and the first Christmas. The cute little figurines will make the enacting of the Christmas story a whole lot refreshing.




Unlike the fragile nativity sets we used to have in the old days, today nativity sets for children are made with durable plastic, so parents don’t have to worry about breakage. Some people prefer the sturdy and durable wooden nativity sets for children that last for ages and delight the children.

Children’s nativity sets

manger scene in a nativity set



Featuring the Peanuts nativity set dresses as biblical characters from the Christmas story consisting of 8 figurines with an easy-to-assemble nativity backdrop. 



I have seen children in my family play with these adorable sets for hours, arranging the pieces, making up stories and waiting for baby Jesus to come on Christmas. They even use it to tell other stories from the Bible.

Nativity sets for Christmas

nativity sets for Christmas


This nativity set consists of 25 pieces-7 little people and 9 animal figurines that are packed in 3 gift boxes. Musical stable with animal sounds and lighted star. Plays “Away in the manger” and “Silent night”. Includes 3 AA batteries for the manger.

children's nativity sets



What I really like about nativity sets for children is that they are not just a one-time gift which children will put away after a while.

They love to play with the toys every year when the nativity sets for children happens to be the first thing to be taken out from storage in most traditional homes.

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I love my nativity set as it offers aesthetic and educational value to the users mainly children though we get to learn a lot from it too. It is just so adorable; I can’t wait for the next season to begin when I put away the nativity sets after every Christmas.

Here’s a review of the nativity sets for children by a mom:

Some more popular nativity sets for children on display below:




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