happinessI am a person who loves to enjoy life,  to be happy always and to smile at every person I see anywhere.

If you think I am very rich and don’t have any problems in life, you have got it wrong. I am an ordinary person from an upper middle-class family with a whole lot of problems just like everyone in this world.

It is not the problem but your perception of the problem that makes it big or small.

“Smile at the world and the world smiles back at you” is what I sincerely believe in. So, when I watched this video here, I could not help smiling. It would actually make anyone who is feeling low sit up and take notice.

Happiness has no barriers. Whatever your name, color, creed or country, happiness is very much within your easy reach. Do you need anything special to be happy? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! This is the specialty of happiness. It is within us. It is up to each and every one of us to bring it out and spread it around.

Happiness is contagious. It spreads like  wild fire. You’ll feel happier about making others around you happy. Life is very short. Why not be happy during this short life span and enjoy life to the hilt?

So, let’s all be happy and cheerful always. You don’t need a reason for being happy. All you need is to be happy, ever smiling and cheerful so that at least a fraction of it rubs off onto the others around you. See for yourself how your life changes for the better once you practice this technique.

Live life fully, enjoying every part of it, so you’ll have only good memories of your life that would be passed on to your children and grandchildren.

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