peacock christmas tree topperIn the blink of an eye, Christmas will be here. Now, that’s something that always bothers me as I want everything for Christmas to be absolutely perfect.

The tree, trimmings, lights, the crib, the cake, wine… you name it.

But let’s first talk a bit about the Christmas tree and the unusual peacock Christmas tree topper I found in a store recently.

Needless to say, it’s with me now and I can’t wait for Thanksgiving to be over so that I can start decorating my Christmas tree.

This peacock tree topper is unique and will help my tree stand out in its different color scheme, lights and total effect.

True, it’s not traditional to have a peacock on your X’mas tree, but as it is generally said, a change is always welcome and why not include it when it will only add to the beauty of your Christmas decor?

Its long, swirly feathers add luster to your tree and you can arrange them the way you want, using wire. It adds a nice final touch to your Christmas decorations.

Peacock Christmas tree topper

peacock Christmas tree topper



Measuring a little more than a foot in height, this beautiful peacock tree topper makes a great addition to a peacock themed Christmas or a bright colored Christmas tree. The dazzling star with 5 tips and decorative beads has the rich colors of aqua, violet, gold and turquoise and adds to the beauty of the Christmas tree.


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The one I want to go with is set on a spiral spring and has its feathers fanned out so that it can catch the lights on your tree and sparkle.

Peacock Jeweled Tree Topper for Christmas

peacock tree topper for Christmas



This bright and colorful peacock tree topper is not very big but looks pleasing to the eye.It adds rich color and beauty to your peacock themed Christmas tree. The original feathers exude their natural beauty and are attractive and eye-catching.


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More than anything else, you’d be delighted to see that the feathers are real and very life-like and their colors are rich and deep.

With the lights on the tree shining, the entire room sparkles from every angle. Now, isn’t that really beautiful?

Peacock blue glitter star Christmas treetop

peacock Christmas tree topper



This magnificent peacock tree topper comes in a star design measuring 16 inches with 10 pointed edges and gives the Christmas tree an elegant and beautiful look. The glittery star shines along with the lights on the tree. On the whole, a very pretty addition to an already decorated Christmas tree. A must-add decoration for a peacock theme.


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I saw many varieties of peacock Christmas tree topper online that I could not make up my mind about which one to buy to decorate my tree;every unit was so beautiful.

It was a tough call for me to choose between the tree toppers available and I’m sure you’ll agree with me when you look at the choices displayed here.

Apart from the ones shown here, you also have the white peacock Christmas tree topper to enhance the appearance of your Christmas tree.

Turquoise Blue Peacock Feather Christmas Tree Topper

Turquoise blue peacock feather Christmas tree topper



This cute tree topper made from plastic, mica and metal with its beautiful arrangement of feathers adds to the beauty of your Christmas tree. It is colorful and attractive. Oh! Doesn’t it look beautiful?


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Whether you decide to purchase the star-shaped peacock tree topper or the long-taied peacock tree topper, you are going to amaze your visitors as the sheer beauty of this tree topper is sure to mesmerize anyone with its rich colors and beautiful beading and piping.

The peacock tree topper is set on a spiral spring, which gives it a nice abstract touch.

If you set up the peacock Christmas tree topper on top of your tree, it’s sure to be eye-catching and everyone will like the different touch you have given to your Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!

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