pre quilted Christmas fabric Don’t you simply love this part of the year! It’s time to enjoy the snow; to observe the spirit of Thanksgiving and enjoy the Christmas celebrations; endless cups of coffee nestled with friends and family. And yes, time to get your hands on some pre quilted Christmas fabric. 


Some friends can’t help asking me why I get so excited at spotting any type of fabric Christmas decorations. What exactly do you do with it? Well, it depends on your imagination (and a little research on the internet) as to what magic you can create with the quilted Christmas fabric decorations.



Here are some DIY ideas – bags, casserole carriers, tote bags, kitchen items, gloves, stockings, Christmas tree skirts, baby quilts, vanity purses, table runners, place mats, pot holders, – it depends on the pre quilted Christmas fabric print you choose. I could go on and on about the wonderful things you can create with this wonderful pre quilted fabric. This year I plan to use the pre quilted Christmas fabric to sew cosmetic bags for my friends.

I have quite a few orders placed by friends and acquaintances for little items like purses, bowl covers, camera lens cases, seat belt pillows and other Christmas decorations. I would like to gift a newest creation of  mine to a close friend and also to my mother who loves hand-made bags out of quilted fabric.

christmas quilted fabric

I did consider making my own quilted fabric for Christmas at home, but it can be really cumbersome and may not fetch the results I want. Plus, you have to get the raw material (means time-consuming!) and make do with whatever prints you can get your hands on.

Christmas quilted fabric

When purchasing your Christmas quilted fabric, you need to keep one important thing in mind. There are two types of Christmas quilted fabric – single-sided and double-sided. Single-sided fabric has two layers – the fashion fabric on top and a thin batting underneath, both quilted together. The double-sided one is made with three layers – two layers of fashion fabric with batting in the middle. The best part about this one is that you don’t have to worry about covering the wrong side.

quilted Christmas fabric

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Although I am yet to procure my ready-made pre quilted Christmas fabric which I hope will be very soon, there are some great options I have in mind, which I am also sharing with you below. Merry Christmas!


Pre quilted Christmas fabric choices for a wider selection 







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