Santa and Reindeer outdoor decorations

To me, the Santa and reindeer outdoor decorations have helped me make lots of friends with neighbors in the last few years by being great conversation starters.

The Santa outdoor decoration simply amazes not only neighbors and visitors but even passers-by who don’t hesitate to stop by and watch the scintillating lighted Santa with his majestic reindeer whether in a sleigh or on a motorbike. 

As days close in towards Thanksgiving, excitement increases. The festival fever is catching on fast as we prepare to greet our most awaited celebration, Christmas.

What is Christmas all about? Do you think about it sometimes in the midst of a frenzied journey through life? I do.

Especially when the season begins, it makes us think if what we are doing is for and with a purpose. 

Is Christmas just about Santa, gifts, and carols? No, there is something beyond the religious connotations we give for this great festival.

Christmas brings fun and frolic into our life by bringing people together during this time of the year. 

There is cheer and joy everywhere. People are busy decorating their homes, treating their children and family to home-made goodies and planning on their guest list.

Santa and Reindeer outdoor decorations

This is the one of the cutest outdoor decorations I found online this year. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it; it is so cute that I have decided to buy it this year.

My children will be thrilled to know that this cute inflatable is going to be on our yard throughout Christmas.

Santa and reindeer outdoor decorations



The Santa and reindeer outdoor decorations can be called a unique piece of decor because we have always seen Santa on the sleigh and not on a motorbike. Look at the smiling reindeer; I’m sure this is going to be one of the hottest products this season.This is 6 ft. long and can be easily be stored once its use is over and can be taken out for your next use. 

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When we talk of decorations, I enjoy getting involved in this activity so much that I oversee every little modification to our home personally before Christmas.

I take pride and pleasure in decorating every little corner of my beautiful home especially because this is our first Christmas in our new spacious home with a big yard though I have decorated the available space in the yard with the same decor over the years. 

LED lighted Santa and reindeer decorations                              

LED lighted santa and reindeer decorations

This is made of plastic and the iron stakes are sturdy and let you install it easily in your yard. Santa,the sleigh and the reindeer light up once inflated. Easy storage after use.  This is quite a small piece measuring a little more than 2 ft. in width and 1-1/2 ft. in height but all the same it looks cute and would be good for a small yard. I chose to display it here because it is inexpensive and it goes without saying that as the size of the product gets bigger, the price also increases.


I have done a good amount of research about what I want to do this year especially the outdoor decoration for Christmas.

I love to transform the open yard completely into a bright and well-lit place and offer a warm welcome to my Christmas visitors.

This year too I am all for the Santa and reindeer yard decorations as I have always loved the change it brings to the entire house during the Christmas season.

Santa and reindeer decorations outdoors

Santa and reindeer decorations outdoors


The Santa and reindeer decorations inflatable is an easy-to-work-with wonder that would make a huge change to your yard during Christmas. It is made of weatherproof nylon and is durable. All you need to do is plug it in and it self-inflates and lights up in moments. Once deflated after use, it can be neatly stored for future use.



The inflatables have my complete attention this year and I must admit that the Santa and reindeer look so beautiful more so because they glow in the dark with their built-in LED lights.

Setting up the Santa and reindeer inflatable is very easy. Easier is the storage part. Simply deflate it and you are ready to tuck it away for future use. It takes minimum space and maintenance.

Santa with reindeer outdoor decorations

Santa with reindeer outdoor decorations


Add to the wonderful feeling of fun and joy during Christmas by setting up this whimsical piece of Santa and reindeer decoration. So much of creativity has gone into this that makes it special. Self-inflates very quickly and lights up. Very easy to store after deflating it.


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There are so many varieties available in the market this year and you’ll be amazed by the endless choice that you’ll find it difficult to pick the best.

Here are some suggestions below that you may find useful as you start shopping online for Santa and reindeer decorations.                   

                    Click Here to See More Choices

So, how about making this Christmas more fun, merrier and unforgettable for a lifetime?

I am sure you will make a wise decision when it comes to buying the Santa and reindeer outdoor decorations and add to the fun element this festive season. Happy shopping and a Merry Christmas!!

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