snow globe picture frameSnow globe picture frame is my most favorite Christmas gift item because it can be used for many purposes. Christmas is here, fast approaching and I’m sure we are all excited as well as anxious to make this year’s celebration a grand affair and better than everybody else’s. 

After all, aren’t we vying with friends trying to make our home décor and everything else about Christmas exclusive and unique? It does give us great pleasure in hearing friends and family say how special our home is in terms of decorations, food, gifts etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words as we all know. Could there be a better gift than a snow globe picture frame that can bring back great memories? This product is an evergreen gift item as it can be given as a gift for any kind of occasion.

To be precise, I already have 11 of these cute picture frames that I have been collecting over the years. I remember the first time when I saw a co-traveller having it on her person on one of my vacation trips. She said she carried it always as she was away from her family on business most of the time.

The idea impressed me so much that as soon as I returned from my vacation, I ordered a large snow globe picture frame with a lovely silver base, added my favorite wedding photo and put it on my dressing table.

I loved the picture frame, so wanted to add to my collection for displaying my kids’ photos as well as to gift them to my kids, my friends and my parents.

I got the idea that it would make a wonderful gift apart from decorating our own home when I heard a friend tell me that she had made a bulk order online to give it away as gifts for her Sunday school kids as a token of appreciation for their active participation in Sunday school activities. This sounded nice and the fact that these items are available for a low price added value to it.

The quality, though not excellent for the low-priced picture frames, is decent enough. The higher priced items are of course good as I have a handful of them too. It is amazing that my interest in adding to my collection of this picture frame has not decreased one bit as I find it fascinating every time I look at it.

In fact, I have become an ardent fan of these photo frames and have started collecting all the new items as they become available in the market.

Snow Globe Picture Frame

snow globe with silver base 1                                                                                            Snow globe picture frame

I love this photo frame (my very first snow globe) because it not only looks elegant but serves its purpose very well.2 photos can be inserted one on each side; it is made of soft yet durable plastic; all you need to do is to insert your pictures by pulling the base off the bottom of the snow globe picture frame and shake. Your photo frame is ready!!


After collecting them for a few years now, I have my snow globe picture frames placed in several places in my home apart from my dressing table where I placed the very first one.

My children’s picture stands out from this lovely photo frame on the mantel and there is one of the entire family taken on one of our outings on the refrigerator.

Then there is a beautiful picture of my son playing piano at a concert placed in his room and another of my daughter on her first birthday celebration in her room. It feels good to take a look at these pictures as they bring back to life the memorable moments long time after they have actually taken place.

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LED Light Up Photo Snow Globe

LED light up photo snow globe


You can choose from a black or silver base LED light up photo snow globe in which two photos can be inserted one on each side. The red/blue/green LED light that stays for up to a minute is activated by simply shaking the globe. Batteries are included and there is an on/off switch at the bottom of the base to ensure longer battery life. 

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The same picture frame is available in a smaller size and it is called Mini light up snow globe. When you buy this snow globe in bulk, as it is available in packages of 12 and 24, you will be saving a lot of  money.

The downside to this is that you may not need the whole lot unless you have that many people on your list to buy gifts for. But it is definitely economical to buy it in bulk. 

I have been buying the snow globe picture frame units online year after year since my maiden purchase. I find that with each passing year there are some awesome designs being introduced with not so much of an increase in price though.

Of course for the technologically advanced models like the digital snow globe picture frame, you’ll have to pay a higher price but they give you the value for the money spent by the additional features.

This picture frame is an ideal piece that helps preserve fond memories of many happy events in your life. It is very attractive as well as serves a great purpose.

I love that the snow globe picture frame can be used not only as gifts for Christmas apart from buying them for personal use but also for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, valentine’s day or simply as a token of your appreciation for anyone that deserves it.

Photo Snow Globe for 2×3 Inch Photos

Photo snow globe for 2 X 3 inch photos

Photo Snow Globe open


This spherical photo snow globe has a black base that has an opening for inserting the photo. 2 pictures can be inserted one on each side. Children love that they are allowed to handle the snow globe because it is made of plastic and not glass and the fact that their photos are surrounded by swirling snow. About 5 to 6” tall and 4” wide. 

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You could always buy the expensive ones for your favorite people of course. This is to say that this product is available in all price ranges from a snow globe that can have single and twin photos to a digital snow globe picture frame that can store hundreds of images.

Digital Photo Frame Snow Globe

Digital snow globe photo frame



The digital photo snow globe seems to be the most advanced among the digital photo frames as I found it to be a little pricey but looks like a useful product. You could transfer up to 40 photos on to this snow globe and have them rolling in a slideshow fashion. It looks very elegant with a polished metallic finish. 



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This year l have decided to buy the snow globe picture frame that comes in a pack of 3 dozens after doing a good research about them online.

The advantage of buying these in bulk is that I get them for a very low price and I will be sharing it with a friend who runs a play school who thinks her children would love this.

So 18 pieces should be fine so that I can think of gifting them to many people who I am sure will love this gift. I am very happy that my list of these cute little collectibles is growing.

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 Why is the snow globe photo frame my favorite?

There are many reasons for this:

  • Makes an ideal gift for family and friends
  • Can be gifted not only for Christmas but for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, return gifts etc.
  • Great decorative piece that will adorn your mantel or any other place in your home
  • Eye-catching designs to choose from
  • Easy to insert any picture into it
  • A large collection of these with specific pictures can bring back interesting memories whenever you look at them
  • The digital photo frame is a good buy as it can store several pictures and the changing pictures can make the atmosphere pleasant and even keep a few shy visitors busy while at your place!!
  • The snow in the snow globe is a welcome change to the glitter that is used in some frames that I have seen in stores. I love the snow, so I make it a point to order only these
  • You have the musical snow globe too and doubtless to say, this adds awesome value to the product. Option of having the music on or off is another great feature

Last but not the least, I found a very interesting snow globe picture frame online as I was scouring the sites for more varieties of this product.

I am so glad I found this as it is the best-looking of all the picture frames I saw online this year. I’m surely going to order this one to add to my collection as it is a great-looking piece.

So, off I go to place my order for these lovely photo frames much to my husband’s chagrin, not because he is worried that I am spending too much on these items but because he is getting anxious about my obsession with these.

I told him not to worry, after all, it is Christmas and we have to enjoy what we do to make the celebration an awesome event and not feel stressed over trivial matters, right? Do you agree with me? I’m sure you do. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!!

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