Frosty the snowman toyFrosty the Snowman toy – the very mention of him brings a smile to my face. Moms and dads are busy looking for the best snowman in town to present their kids with this cute little gift for Christmas.

How happy the children would be to receive this wonderful gift from their parents!

Christmas is a time for giving and for receiving, and while you’re at it, why not do a good job of giving something really nice to your loved ones?
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Santa and Reindeer outdoor decorations

To me, the Santa and reindeer outdoor decorations have helped me make lots of friends with neighbors in the last few years by being great conversation starters.

The Santa outdoor decoration simply amazes not only neighbors and visitors but even passers-by who don’t hesitate to stop by and watch the scintillating lighted Santa with his majestic reindeer whether in a sleigh or on a motorbike. 

As days close in towards Thanksgiving, excitement increases. The festival fever is catching on fast as we prepare to greet our most awaited celebration, Christmas. Read the rest of this entry

treeHave you ever wondered how to create a funky, themed Christmas tree for your home?  Themed trees are becoming more popular as people seek alternatives to the “traditional” Christmas tree.  

Millions of people display Christmas trees in their homes each year, and many such decorations have the same features every year with cylindrical glass ornaments, conventional lamps and an angel or star at the summit. 
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light up Christmas necklaceLight up Christmas necklace forms an integral part of Christmas celebrations in every home. It is a well-known fact that colorful lights add to the value of any occasion or event that we celebrate.

Whether your home is a huge palatial mansion or a tiny apartment, lights can change the entire ambience of the place and make it look different.

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snow globe picture frameSnow globe picture frame is my most favorite Christmas gift item because it can be used for many purposes. Christmas is here, fast approaching and I’m sure we are all excited as well as anxious to make this year’s celebration a grand affair and better than everybody else’s. 

After all, aren’t we vying with friends trying to make our home décor and everything else about Christmas exclusive and unique? It does give us great pleasure in hearing friends and family say how special our home is in terms of decorations, food, gifts etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words as we all know. Could there be a better gift than a snow globe picture frame that can bring back great memories? This product is an evergreen gift item as it can be given as a gift for any kind of occasion. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas tree

Christmas is indeed the much-awaited celebration every year. Kids or adults, we all look forward with excitement and joy for that time of the year when we enjoy the home decorations, gift-giving, and time together with family and friends.

Even though it is going to be merry-making all the way, planning a party and buying gifts for your loved ones for Christmas can be overwhelming. There is so much to do, yet not enough time to do all of them. With Christmas less than twelve weeks away, we need to start planning for the celebration right now, else things can get messy.

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treeThe German immigrants who had settled in Pennsylvania in the beginning of the nineteenth century were the first to introduce the tradition of Christmas trees in the USA.

Using a Christmas tree as an important part of the Christmas celebrations was a practice that began in Germany even as early as 700 A.D. and it continued well into the nineteenth century. Read the rest of this entry

Christmas tree wall decalChristmas tree wall decal is a great alternative to the regular Christmas tree that we generally have and decorate our homes with during the festive season.

This is especially useful when you have limited space in your home and want to enjoy the festivities all the same!!

I’m surprised that I have not so far purchased the Christmas tree wall decal and made my home look and feel more beautiful, elegant and enjoyable all these years.

Not that we have not had fun during the festive season but the idea of the stick and peel Christmas tree never occurred to me probably because we have always had a lot of room in our home to accommodate a huge Christmas tree just like the 7.5’ giant pine that we have at our place right now.

It would have been a wonderful idea if I had thought of decorating the plain walls and windows with these stick, peel and pack beauties year after year attracting our visitors’ attention and getting a pat on the shoulder for the beautiful decorative ideas.

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