Christmas tree wall decalChristmas tree wall decal is a great alternative to the regular Christmas tree that we generally have and decorate our homes with during the festive season.

This is especially useful when you have limited space in your home and want to enjoy the festivities all the same!!

I’m surprised that I have not so far purchased the Christmas tree wall decal and made my home look and feel more beautiful, elegant and enjoyable all these years.

Not that we have not had fun during the festive season but the idea of the stick and peel Christmas tree never occurred to me probably because we have always had a lot of room in our home to accommodate a huge Christmas tree just like the 7.5’ giant pine that we have at our place right now.

It would have been a wonderful idea if I had thought of decorating the plain walls and windows with these stick, peel and pack beauties year after year attracting our visitors’ attention and getting a pat on the shoulder for the beautiful decorative ideas.

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