treeHave you ever wondered how to create a funky, themed Christmas tree for your home?  Themed trees are becoming more popular as people seek alternatives to the “traditional” Christmas tree.  

Millions of people display Christmas trees in their homes each year, and many such decorations have the same features every year with cylindrical glass ornaments, conventional lamps and an angel or star at the summit. 

Needless to say, these decorations get monotonous after a while and you start feeling the need to change the theme!!

Why not spruce up your home this holiday season with a new theme for your Christmas tree that would be unique and special? Let’s analyze a few things you may like to consider for getting ‘that’ new look.


It is certainly not mandatory that the Christmas tree should match your home décor. You only need to ensure that the tree matches the room’s feel and really ‘belongs’ to the place. 


The color of the tree should blend well with that of the room. This does not mean that it cannot be of a contrasting color. It all depends on your creativity to make the colors match and show promise of making the place cheerful.

Have fun while choosing the colors for your Christmas tree and with your creative hat, you will be making a wonderful choice.


Bear in mind that larger trees need larger decorations.  Just as it won’t look good to decorate a 5-foot tree with huge ornaments, it would also look weird if you decorated a huge 9-foot tree with tiny ornaments.

Of course, you would buy a Christmas tree that would fit the size of the space available in your home.  If you have a large living room or foyer, you could have a large tree because it would create a grand impression on the onlookers.

If, on the other hand, you live in a small apartment that cannot accommodate a large tree or even a medium sized tree, the latest trend is to decorate the walls of your room with the Christmas tree wall decal that has become very popular these days and would serve your purpose well.


Now for the fun part of choosing the theme of your tree!  If you pursue a unique hobby or passion, try to incorporate the idea into the Christmas tree.

For instance, if you love baking, place a small tree in the kitchen and hang cookie cutters decorated with ribbons, flash cards with recipes and cinnamon sticks and even home-made cookies!

In the same way, you could display all your unique collections of a kind on the main Christmas tree thus showing off your collection and get appreciative nods from your visitors.

For example, themed trees are very popular for people who collect models of cars, trains, bikes, key chains, vintage toys etc.  Hang these collectibles to the tree and use them as ornaments. 

If you have children, make a special tree for their room decorated with things that children love.  Some good choices might include color pencils, crayons, painting sets, pocket books, colored chalk pieces, small cars and dolls. 

But ensure that you choose the items according to the age of your children to prevent choking hazards with very small kids around.

Merry Christmas

No matter what your budget, there is an endless choice of decorative themes out there, it is up to you to get creative and just do it.  After all, the decoration of your home is a reflection of your family’s and your tastes and interests.

Get creative this Christmas season and think outside the box and you will surprise yourself with a truly amazing result!

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